About Ariste Medical

Ariste is a preclinical stage company that develops drug eluting surgical implants to prevent common causes of device failure. Ariste has developed a unique, patented formula which enables the application and elution of drugs from devices made from PTFE, the most slippery surface known to man, as well as other materials, including polypropylene and polyurethane. Infection, restenosis and thrombosis are common complications that lead to PTFE device failure. Ariste will combine proven anti-infectives, anti-proliferatives, and/or anti-thrombotics with legacy medical devices in order to prevent device failure, improve patient outcomes, and reduce medical expenses.

Ariste has completed 3 preclinical studies and published four peer-reviewed papers describing its novel capability to elute drugs from the surface of surgical PTFE devices. In one animal study, Ariste reduced neointimal hyperplasia (scar tissue) by 68%. In another study, Ariste reduced bacterial colonization by 99.9%.

Ariste was founded in 2007 by experienced leaders in the fields of biotechnology, vascular biology, and vascular surgery. US patent #8,236,338 was awarded in August of 2012, and US patent # 8,568,763 was awarded in 2014. Ariste is pursuing additional patents as it continues to expand its platform of device and drug combinations.